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Are You Tired Of Fighting Today's Ransomware, Viruses and Hackers With Yesterday's Anti-virus Solution?

No Other Global Cyber Security Firm Can Touch The Quality Of Our Next Generation Tools, Our Reduction Of Virus Tickets, Or Our Ability To Teach You To Sell Security

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Find Out How CARVIR Stops 99% Of Today’s Threats Including Zero Day Attacks

The Tools

Behavior-based, next generation threat detection protects you from ransomware, viruses, and malware.


Around the clock, North American based, high-level security engineering team who takes 50-60% of virus-related tickets off your plate.

Marketing and Sales Support

Brandable print material, slide decks and videos -- all designed to position you as a security expert in your marketplace.

Why MSPs Like You Are Choosing CARVIR To Protect Their Clients From Hackers, Viruses, and Ransomware


    MSPs partner with us because they’ve had a key client who was hit with ransomware. (Or they know it's only a matter of time.) They're afraid they'll be fired or lose their reputation. They rely on CARVIR to protect their clients from today’s threats, known and unknown.


    MSPs who reach out to us recognize that relying on antiquated, definition based anti-virus to protect their clients from modern threats is taking an unnecessary and foolish risk. They rely on CARVIR's next generation tools to keep their clients safe.


    In most cases, our partners don't have a security team on staff. They know that if a client is hit with a ransomware attack or brute force attack at 3AM, they need a team of professionals monitoring that network.

What Our Partners Say…

“Security, Service And Peace Of Mind”

“There are certain things expected of our vendors, but the CARVIR staff goes above and beyond. Besides having a phenomenal product that works, they truly understand the MSP business. Whether it’s getting you set up with a new client or helping you put together a presentation for 50 people, they give it their all.

Security is no joke. Make sure you use a company that not only has a good product, but cares about you and your clients, knows the business, and has your back!”

5 / 5 stars

“I Had Someone By My Side During This Awful Experience”

When one of my clients got hit with the .WALLET ransomware, I thought I was fine; I planned to restore from backup and go from there. I was horrified to learn that all their most recent backups were missing! I had to face the fact that I would probably lose my biggest client and potentially my business. I immediately reached out to Jay. His calming voice and CARVIR’s experience in dealing with attacks reassured me that I had someone by my side to get me through this awful experience. It was a long, scary week with little sleep but I was finally able to retrieve my client’s data without paying the ransom. And forensics analysis determined there was no evidence to suggest a breach. Thanks to CARVIR’s help, I was fortunate to survive that stressful week with few repercussions.

ByteWize, Inc.
5 / 5 stars

“A game changer” No matter how much you train end-users, someone is going to click on the wrong link and unleash total terror on the network. Then you have to restore files, go to backups and in some cases resort to off-site backups. CARVIR has changed all of that. The product is far better than traditional AV and managed by CARVIR so we can focus on other areas of client support. They have been great to work with, providing us any information that we need. They will be a major part of our support offering going forward.

Pratt Online
5 / 5 stars

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