“Top Shelf Security Offerings”

“CARVIR has a fantastic MSP focused 3.0 security offering and it’s exactly the right time in the digital threat landscape evolution. Top shelf.”

“CARVIR Understands MSPs”

“We’ve deployed CARVIR’s Enterprise Endpoint Protection to 1,400 machines without issues. Their 24×7 SOC monitors it – at an affordable rate. Plus, CARVIR’s sales and marketing materials have assisted us with selling over $10k/mo in security products to our clients in only 2 months.”

“CARVIR Is An Asset To My Business”

“They taught me how to educate my prospects using the marketing tools they provide. Pricing is very competitive, and the product has been a big differentiator for me in closing new business over my competition. CARVIR’s support team are rockstars, and my clients have access to their SOC at no additional cost.”

“Exceptional Educational Webinars”

“CARVIR’s monthly technical webinars are well organized and worth attending. Every time I join, they share a ton of helpful information!

“CARVIR Invests In Their Partners”

“I’ve been in business since 2003, and CARVIR has the best partner support I’ve ever seen. Their recent webinar on how to sell was totally AWESOME! They had so many useful tips that I couldn’t take notes fast enough!

“A Solution That Protects Our Clients”

“We use CARVIR and SentinelOne because the solution protects our clients’ computers better than any anti-virus program we’ve used. It’s a relief to know we’re protected from the threats that are out there today.”

“CARVIR Taught Me How To Sell Security”

“If you are not talking to your clients about cyber security, your competitors are. Now that I show my clients CARVIR’s sales tool, and present it the way they taught me, I’m able to provide a best-in-class security tool to more than 70% of my existing clients. CARVIR taught me exactly how to present it and my clients love the security education I’m able to provide. Best of all, we all sleep better at night knowing they have the best security tool available to them. We are much better than where we were a few months ago, thanks to the CARVIR team.”

“Users Can’t Disable This Tool”

“One of the biggest differences between this security tool and others is the forensics built into SentinelOne. As a Sophos Certified Architect, I know that Sophos stops at simply protecting an endpoint. With SentinelOne, you get not only remediation of the attack, but also advanced forensics, so you know if there was a breach.”

“Great Door Opener”

“We have been using the CARVIR 12 Ways Tool as a way to educate our clients. It’s a competitive advantage being part of the Robin Robins’ community and learning how to sell add-ons, one we offer is the cyber security solution. Allows us to be different and offer new solutions to brand new customers as well as existing clients.”

“We Make More Money!”

“With some vendors, we have to do a lot of babysitting. With CARVIR, they handle our backend and eliminate the need to supervise them to make sure our threats are handled. Plus, we actually make more money selling security solutions – and those solutions actually work.”

“Don’t Have To Worry About Adding Security Staff”

“When comparing cyber security solutions, be sure you compare apples to apples. One of the things that stood out to me with CARVIR was that they provide the SOC and personnel, so we have very low labor costs. With their around the clock threat support we don’t have to worry about additional employees.”

“Heartfelt Thank You For An Exceptional Job From Support Team”

“The CARVIR support team went over-and-above in their response to us regarding our customer’s issue. They took care of the situation. I wish all of our trusted vendors would rise to this level of service.”

“I Wish I Would Have Signed Up When I First Talked To Them.”

“When I first heard about CARVIR, I waited to become a partner. After all, I was protecting my clients with ESET, HitmanPro, and OpenDNS. Several weeks later, one of my clients got hit with ransomware. We pushed the SentinelOne agents out, and CARVIR’s team of security engineers were an invaluable help to us. My only regret is that I didn’t sign up when I first talked to them.

“WOW!! CARVIR Support Rocks!! I Will Now Measure Every Company I Call For Support Against The Great Experience I Had With CARVIR”

“As a Senior Support Engineer, it’s rare to experience refreshing service from a support team. A few weeks ago, that’s exactly what I experienced from CARVIR. I was at a CPA firm whose PC had gone belly up. After installing ten versions of QuickBooks enterprise, I decided to install the SentinelOne tool, since a reboot was required for both QuickBooks and SentinelOne. After the reboot I started the process of installing 10 versions of QuickBooks premier, but SentinelOne was flagging the installer as a possible threat. I dreaded the inevitable call to technical support because that usually involves an endless voicemail tree, followed by waiting in queue for an hour to speak to an actual human. I really didn’t have time for that! After I dialed the number and chose the option for support, I mentally prepared for a long wait. Instead, a very nice lady answered, removed the agent from my PC, sent me a link for the updated agent, and the problem was resolved.”

“I Was Able To Squeeze In A Last-minute Coaching Call With The Team At CARVIR.”

“One evening, I got an urgent call from a prospect who’d been infected with ransomware and who needed my help immediately! I was able to squeeze in a last-minute coaching call with the team at CARVIR. Thanks to them, I walked into the meeting knowing exactly what to expect from a technical and a sales standpoint. Better yet, I walked out with a signed $4,500/month deal – a one shot close.”

“Amazing Service”

“I signed up with CARVIR and installed my first client within a week. I had an issue with one of the computers and they emailed us and called the office almost immediately. They shut down the network access to a specific computer and worked with us on remediation. If you aren’t using their service, you should be!

“The Right Tools That Helped Us Get Prospecting Meetings Easily”

“CARVIR provided us with the ’12 Ways To Protect Your Business From A Ransomware Attack!’ sales tool. Amazing how a sales tool, used effectively, has impacted our bottom line. The first step to closing new business is getting the initial meeting, and thanks to CARVIR, we’ve seen incredible success.”


“The SentinelOne product is super easy to deploy. It works exactly as advertised and the support team is great!”

“Awesome Job”

“I am very pleased with their support and timely responses.  They have helped me many times in the past few weeks.  Their team does an awesome job. I’m so pleased that I partnered up with them.”

“Delivers Value And A Security Product Without Adding To My Payroll”

“I have been very impressed with the CARVIR team and the SentinelOne product. I signed up as a partner and deployed the agents to our corporate network and my home network. To my surprise, the CARVIR security team contacted me with detailed information that my home Macintosh had an adware infection. The adware had installed itself months ago and was calling out 3000 times every minute!  We also had another machine that was experiencing a browser based, file-less attack. Again, the CARVIR team called alerting me to the ongoing attack and we were able to shut it down immediately.

I am impressed with the speed which the CARVIR team reacted to the threats that were detected. I love the level of detailed analysis that I have access to, which allows me to show a client how the attack propagated and where the command and control calls went.  I feel more secure with my company’s network and am rapidly deploying the solution to all of my clients. We now include SentinelOne on all of our plans. I know that we will increase our bottom-line profits through both decreased service calls for malware and by adding another product to our service offering. The fact that I’m able to deliver this much value to my clients without adding security experts to my payroll makes this solution a home run!”

“CARVIR Immediately Alerted Us To A Live Attack”

“Even though we had solid anti-virus software installed, we kept seeing clients become victims of Ransomware attacks. Thankfully we had great backup solutions, but the time and headaches involved in restoring the systems meant our profitability on these clients was terrible. We knew we needed to find a new solution. When we found CARVIR, we were a little skeptical, so we decided to put the product to the test. We selected a client’s network which had just been hit with ransomware TWICE in the past week, and installed the agents.  Almost immediately, we received a call from the team at CARVIR alerting us that an attack was happening again. Using CARVIR’s forensics analysis tool, we were able to diagnose exactly how the virus was penetrating our client’s network and understand why traditional anti-virus wasn’t stopping this type of attack.  We highly recommend this product and are now replacing all our clients AV products with SentinelOne from CARVIR.”

“Very Impressed”

“As an IT guy, I was very proud of my ability to keep infections out of my network…until the day my 6 year old used my laptop. I still don’t know exactly what she clicked on, but I got an infection. When it executed, CARVIR took immediate action. They killed the virus and called me within minutes. I’m very impressed by the SentinelOne solution and CARVIR’s level of service.”

“Enabled Us To Jump Start Our Security Marketing Efforts”

“The support team at CARVIR has been exceptional. They helped train my team on advanced endpoint security. They even provided support for our sales and marketing departments, which enabled us to jump start our security offering and allowed us to truly differentiate ourselves in a crowded space. We love this new way of tracking and eliminating malware, viruses and exploits on our clients’ machines; it has allowed us to truly differentiate ourselves in a crowded space.”

“CARVIR Has The Backend Covered For Us And I Don’t Have To Train And Depend On My Staff Having To Deal With The SOC Work.”

“We were sick and tired of restoring files after clients kept getting ransomware. The SentinelOne product was a no brainer for Nashville Computer.. The ease of deploying the software to our clients using our RMM tools allowed us to streamline the deployment process. The best part about this product offering is that CARVIR has the backend covered for us and I didn’t have to train and depend on my staff having to deal with the backend SOC work. If we have an issue, we simply open a support ticket and the problem gets resolved. Peace of mind for me as an MSP, knowing my clients are protected.”

“A Game Changer”

“No matter how much you train end-users, someone is going to click on the wrong link and unleash total terror on the network. Then you have to restore files, go to backups and in some cases resort to off-site backups. CARVIR has changed all of that. The advanced endpoint protection product is far better than traditional AV and managed by CARVIR so we can focus on other areas of client support. They have been great to work with, providing us any information that we need. They will be a major part of our support offering going forward.”

“Security, Service, And Peace Of Mind”

“There are certain things expected of our vendors, but the CARVIR staff goes above and beyond. Besides having a phenomenal product that works, they truly understand the MSP business. Whether it’s getting you set up with a new client or helping you put together a presentation for 50 people, they give it their all.

Security is no joke. Make sure you use a company that not only has a good product, but cares about you and your clients, knows the business, and has your back!”

“ROCK Solid Product, Catches Absolutely Everything”

“After dealing with too many crypto viruses getting through Trend and BitDefender, we turned to CARVIR and SentinelOne. The product has been exceptional. It has caught absolutely everything in the wild and the viruses we’ve intentionally thrown at it for testing. The CARVIR support team has been exceptional in helping to remediate anything that has been caught. The support team is quick and knowledgeable, and the product has been rock solid! Everything I want in a vendor!”

“I Had Someone By My Side During This Awful Experience”

“When one of my clients got hit with the .WALLET ransomware, I thought I was fine; I planned to restore from backup and go from there. I was horrified to learn that all their most recent backups were missing! I had to face the fact that I would probably lose my biggest client and potentially my business. CARVIR’s experience in dealing with attacks reassured me that I had someone by my side to get me through this awful experience. It was a long, scary week with little sleep but I was finally able to retrieve my client’s data without paying the ransom.”