Your Secure Web Gateway in the cloud for any user, anywhere, on any device

Cyren Web Security helps you enforce internet policies and add state-of-the-art threat protection for your SMB business users. This solution is quick to deploy, easy to manage, comprehensive in coverage, and requires a simple subscription to start.

You’ll be able to protect:

  • Mobile users
  • Branch locations
  • Mobile devices, including Android phones

Service options range from easy-to-deploy DNS filtering to multilayered defense-in-depth, protecting you from a broad range of threats including malicious URL requests, phishing attacks, viruses, zero-day malware, botnets, and much more.

Benefits include:

Comprehensive Visibility and Reporting – Cyren Web Security provides comprehensive and customizable reports on your users’ Web activity-across all their business devices. All Web access is captured and logged, giving you a detailed picture of exactly how clients are using the web. Cyren Web Security gives you an easy-to-use and highly customizable dashboard that enables you to control the types and size of files that can be downloaded and Web sites that can be visited. Our advanced dashboard gives you instant insight into current threats and Web traffic.

Internet Security at Cloud Speed – The IT landscape has changed dramatically, with data and applications moving to the cloud and employees who are mobile and connected everywhere. These means that the traditional perimeter is disappearing, and security appliances are increasingly outgunned. Only security operating 100% from a global, elastic, multi-tenant cloud can deliver the instantaneous intelligence and processing power adequate to today’s threat landscape-including inspection of SSL traffic. Cyren operates the industry’s largest global security cloud -we process over 25 billion transactions a day from over 1 billion users in over 180 countries.

Zero-Day Malware Protection – Cyren Web Security’s Advanced Threat Protection module applies cloud-scale advanced malware analysis, including industry-first Cloud Sandbox Array technology, to analyze and block the latest generation of highly evasive cyber threats.

Always Up to Date, Everywhere – With Cyren’s security cloud protecting your traffic, your web security is always the latest and best, for all your supported devices – no matter where those users happen to be. When our global intelligence network detects a threat, that defense is incorporated in real time into our security cloud and immediately protects all users-there are no time-consuming updates to “roll out”.

Least Headache, Lowest TCO – Cyren Web Security does not require any investment in hardware or software; just route your traffic to Cyren’s security cloud. The ease of deployment and management, along with better protection, frees you to focus resources on adding new business or supporting existing clients.

Why move your web security to Cyren?

  • Adopt a pay-as-you-go subscription model
  • Minimize your TCO-eliminate the need for hardware and software upgrades and save staff time
  • Reduce time spent remediating infected computers
  • Monitor and manage web usage with easy-to-use URL filtering; gain detailed insight across all your users, locations, and devices
  • Easily manage multiple sites- our cloud platform makes it easy to consistently apply policies
  • Go direct to the Internet securely, reducing latency for all users and minimizing backhauling costs
  • Protect users from new threats with real-time cyber intelligence which updates automatically